Windows 8 – app needs permission to use your camera.

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Permissions Camera

jika kamera pada anda tidak bisa dikakses dan muncul kayak tulisan seperti berikut

Windows 8 – app needs permission to use your camera. tenang jangan khawatir bisa diatasi seperti berikut :

Method 1:
Step 1:
If you have the camera connected, then I would suggest you to disconnect the camera and then try to open the Camera app.
Step 2:
If the camera app opens, then follow the steps mentioned below:
a. Press Windows key + C from your keyboard to open Charms bar.
b. Select Settings option.
c. Select Permissions option.
d. Turn on Allow this app to access your: Webcam and Microphone option.
e. Close the app by pressing Alt key + F4 from your keyboard.
f. Reopen the Camera app.
g. Connect your camera and then check how this app works.
haha berhasil deh….
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