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Tuban is interesting town.it is located about fourty five kilometers from home.the place can be reached easily by public transportation,privat car or motorcycle.

Oh..Tuban do not only have many interesting place.kambang putih museum,agung mosque,sunan bonang grave,and akbar cave.sunan bonang grave is religion and mistic place because many people went to pray,from another town example:lamongan,gresik,and towns in jateng.akbar cave who interest people to enter,see exterior stalagmit and etc.but also have many good world potences.for example: mineral,agriculture and many riches from the sea.

You know.. Tuban which near beach..so i want to speak about world potences,exspecially the riches of sea.
The are many kinds of the riches of sea:fish,shrimp,shell fish,an so on.

Don’t forget,may be we know.. That the sailors go to the sea in the night and go home in the morning.but sometimes,they go for days together.before they go,they prepare everything their need..tuban’s sailors bring rice,side dish and another equipments.
After the sailor sail in the sea,they arrive again and ready for selling their fishes.in the fish season,the sailor can catch mostly and maximal.

Tuban famous with tuak drinking as alcohol so taken about tuak town..More interesting place in tuban.. Don’t go the another town..before the ronggolawe town.. Townsquare beautiful,interest,and peace.. Tuban nice : “Welcome in tuban”

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